sábado, 25 de setembro de 2010

Vídeo Clipes

Infernaeon - Graven Image


Alice In Chains - Lesson Learned



Tarja - Until My Last Breath II 



The Birthday Massacre - In The Dark



Attila - Rage 



Vanna -Trashmouth 



Sight of Emptiness - Burning Silence 



Firewind - World On Fire



Terror - Stick Tight



Dream Evil  - The Ballad



King Giant - 13 To 1 



Manticora - From The Pain Of Loss 


Dauntless -Waking up the world 



In This Moment - The Promise


Walking Corpse Syndrome  - Awakening



Freedom Call - Thunder God 



For Today - Devastator



Allen Lande - Judgement Day 



Sorrows Path - Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts


Comeback Kid  - Because Of All




Valdur - Vicious Existence



The Absence  - Enemy Unbound

Van Canto - Magic Taborea

Envy - Worn heels and the hands we hold 

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